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Helped on: 1195 people
Experience: 5-10 years

Language speaking: en,hr
Screen name: VanamaliHealer
Price per minute: 1.99 credits
Expert Level: beginner

Psychic VanamaliHealer at Oranum

VanamaliHealer Bio: ABOUT ME: My name is Vanamali, a Master Energy Healer , Reiki certified and angel card reader. I'm empathic, intuitive and have ability to see and recive angelic messages as well as ability of healing, cleaning Aura and Chakras. In my childhood I was able to see angels and higher beings, their guidance led me through life, and now my mission is to share this divine message with You. By God's grace i got this wonderful gift to heal others, and my only desire is to help You. I can answer to Your question with turning to the angels for help, and assist You to choose the best path for empower Yourself and heal your life. Please just open Your Heart to hear. YOU CAN ASK ME ABOUT: ? Love & Relationships ? Career & Business ? Health-Physical/Mental/Emotional ? Energy reading ? Self discovery ? Life path & Life pupuse ? Life review ? Spiritual Guidance MY EXPERIENCE: Everything what You need to become happy and fulfilled is already in You. You always have opportunity to change this life situation, and the power of the moment when You decide to change Your life has the potential to change the whole world. On that path You are not alone, You are surrounded by loving and powerful angels and higher beings who want to assist You in every area of your life. In experience of my own life and working with people ... Read More at Oranum

Satisfied members said about VanamaliHealer

I am so glad to speak with you.. :) you calm my mind and my soul.. i am so lucky to find you.. you are my friend for a long time.. i am really lucky to speak with you and receive your wisdom and inspiration.. :) god bless you :) much love to you.. blessings :) xx
by Fd from Faraway

Had an amazing healing time. i would describe it as seeing the solar ecplise. i will recomend van to any one who would like to get things sorted in their life on a long term basis. good day.
by Avish from Brisbane

Really greater reader and teacher! vanamali gave me challenges and the tools to use to meet and accomplish these challenges for making my life better. thank you very much. i recommend vanamali to all that feel they need help making their life better.
by Krista Elliott from Sumter SC

I kept spending money today looking for someone to help me my anxiety was so high i felt so worried! i am so glad i came to vanamali's room today! i needed the help ..healing and support. the best healer... im so emotional..please if anyone is hurting please come here because he really cares and you need a psychic that cares instead of someone trying to take your money for their own entertainment. let him heal your chakras and lead you to peace. life is hard and sometimes we need that help. love and light to you all
by Felicia from Speedway

He gave good advice. thank you :)
by Danielle Harris from Toronto


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